Run Ranger Update Coming Soon

I’m excited to have a couple of very nice updates on the way to Run Ranger within the next couple of weeks. I’m testing them out right now, and I think they’re nearly ready for prime time.

  • Workout scheduler: I love this one. When you’re on the “prepare” tab, the workout tiles will have a little calendar icon on them. Tap it, and it opens a dialogue to create a workout. Just enter the distance you want to run, or, in the case of intervals, the number of reps for that interval, and hit “next.” Run Ranger will open up a calendar entry pre-loaded with the workout details, including pace, duration, and pointers on what the workout’s for, and how you need to run it. Choose a date and hit save and the workout will be in your calendar, available to all your cloud-connected devices.
  • Data Persistence: Run Ranger will store the last values you ran through the calculator, so if you stash your recent best effort in there, each time you open the app, you’ll be able to get to your training paces without having to key anything in.

I’m working on other features that I have always wanted to have at my fingertips when I’m out at the races or just preparing for the daily workout. As always, I approach the app and its features from the perspective of a real runner (or at least a guy with almost 4 dozen marathons under his belt) and not just a programming geek, not that there’s anything wrong with that. I think the result is already the best pace calculator app on any phone platform, and it’s going to get better. Promise.


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