Tips and tricks

Entering Data

It’s pretty easy to enter data into Run Ranger. Just tap one of the text boxes, input a number, and move on to the next one. Want to enter 10 miles? No problem. Oops, that was supposed to be 10 km? Simply tap the colored “miles” text button to switch to km. Marathon? Wait, how far is that again? No need to wrack your brain. Simply press and hold within the distance box and a popup list will appear with marathon and half marathon, ready for selection. Run Ranger inputs the distance for you in whichever unit you’re using at the time, miles or km.

Need to erase a distance or time entry? Just tap the box and it automatically clears.

Ran your last 11 mile run in 77 minutes and you don’t want to do the hour/minute math yourself? No problem, just enter 77 minutes in the minutes box, and Run Ranger will do it for you.

Oh, and there’s no need to fill in all the boxes. If you want to know the pace for a 3-hour marathon, just leave the minutes and seconds boxes alone. When you hit the calculator button, Run Ranger will automatically zero out those entries for you.


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