Run Ranger is Live. (And it’s free.)

Run Ranger, a pace calculator and running training app for Windows Phone, is now live on the Windows Phone app store, available in several languages, with more coming soon.

Features include:

  • Pace / Time calculator
    • Find pace by time or time by pace.
    • Switch between modes with a simple tap on the colored “by” button.
    • Just enter a distance and a valid time (or pace) and hit the calculate button at the bottom.
  • Metric and Imperial entry and output.
    • Switch units by simply tapping the colored units button or output units button. If you have already entered data, the output is immediately recalculated
    • Input and output are independent of each other. You can input a distance in miles or km and get your output in min/mile or min/km.
  • Prediction pane
    • View likely finishing times for other distances based on the time/pace entered in the pace calculator.
    • Metric or Imperial output is set by the output used in the pace calculator.
  • Prepare pane
    • View the proper training paces for the time/pace entered in the pace calculator.
    • Run Ranger runs the numbers to give you the proper times and paces for base training as well as lactate threshold and VO2 max speedwork, plus sprints.
  • Remove Ads
    • If you like the app and want to get rid of the ads, simply hit the menu (…) and perform a quick, in-app purchase.

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