Run Ranger App Goes Live Soon

Run Ranger for Windows Phone is going live soon.

PaceCalcPivot PaceCalcPivot2

Run Ranger was developed by a 45-time marathoner to provide simple tools to make it easier to train smart, get faster, and stay healthy. The pace calculator is designed to be very simple and easy to use. Simply enter the distance and time values, then hit the calculate button at the bottom of the page. (The broom button erases all entries.)

Colored text (Run Ranger respects your choice of themes) indicates functionality. For instance, tap the “by” text on the calculation page to switch between pace calculation modes. Tap the units (miles in the example here) to switch units to km or back. Tap and hold the unit figure to convert from miles to km, or back.

Prediction for your next big race


Swipe right from the calculation tab and you’re on the predict tab. Using time-tested fatigue algorithms, Run Ranger gives you the time and pace you can expect to achieve for races at other distances, from 800m to 50 miles. (Of course, you need to train for the distance first.)

Training paces at your fingertips


How quickly should I be running this workout? Swipe right and there’s no more guessing with Run Ranger’s prepare tab. Run Ranger gives you the right pace range for all your training runs, from easy, daily runs, long slow weekend runs, lactate threshold workouts, and speedwork to improve VO2 max.

Run Ranger will be launching soon in English, French, German, Italian, and Spanish. More languages are on the way.

Please use the comments to make note of bugs and to suggest better translations into your native language.


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